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  Parallel Slide Gate Valves

  Valve Description

There is international acceptance that where arduous duties with high pressure hot water and steam are concerned the Parallel Slide Isolating Gate Valve is superior to all forms of Wedge Gate Valves, and to Globe Stop Valves. The outstanding feature of the Parallel Slide Type Valve is that it maintains fluid tightness without the aid of any wedging action. No mechanical stress, therefore, is exerted between the discs, and the valve is not subject to dangerous stress during the opening/closing action.

Naturally, this ensures that the life of the valve in normal service conditions is prolonged when compared with the Wedge Gate Valve, and failure rates are consequently lower. All valves within our range are manufactured to the highest possible standard and represent a cost effective solution to the problem of valve choice.

Parallel Slide Isolating Gate Valves are particularly suitable for applications where high pressure, high temperature steam or water are involved, as in power generation and process applications. Because of the design of the valve, any minor seat distortions which might be caused by pipework stress, are accommodated because the discs have a certain freedom to align themselves between the seat faces. This is not the case with the Wedge Gate Valve.

  Designs Offered

Parallel Slide Isolating Gate Valves are offered in two types - full bore and reduced bore pattern. The reduced bore pattern is particularly suitable for high pressure, high temperature steam. High-pressure valves, with bypass arrangement, have an equalising pipe as part of the bypass design to eliminate pressure build up in the intergate chamber of the valve.

Protection Of Seat Faces
When a reduced bore valve is in the fully open position, the cylindrical follower (eye piece) connects the inlet and outlet nozzles thereby providing a continuous Venturi profile through the valve bore. This gives a smooth unobstructed flow, eliminating eddies and reducing pressure drop through the valve to an absolute minimum. A further advantage of this feature is that it also gives protection to the working face of the valve seats when the valve is in the open position.

Additional Features for the Reduced Bore Valves
The area under load is less than on corresponding sizes of full bore gate valves, thereby, imposing a smaller load on the operating mechanism.

There are further advantages of using a reduced bore valve. A significant reduction in disc travel is achieved due to proportionately smaller components being used. This makes the valve more compact, a considerable advantage when space is restricted. The smaller seats and discs also reduce the load area compared to that of a full bore Parallel Slide Valve, this makes operation far easier and the overall weight much less.