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  Reference Data
  The following tables are based on the British Standards stated. They are intended as a guide and for further details of flange
thickness and pressure/temperature ratings particularly, please refer to the standards.
  Flange Dimensions

D : - Flange Diameter
P : - Bolt Hole Pitch Circle Diameter
d : - Bolt Hole Diameter
t : - Flange Thickness Including Raised Face
R : - Raised Face Diameter
f : - Raised Face Height
N : - Number of Bolt Holes

The Flange thickness given is for Carbon Steel Flanges.

Cast Iron Flanges are generally thicker.



1) Class 125 and class 250 are for cast iron flanges and have the same dimensions as classes 150 and 300 respectively.
2) Abbreviations: FF flat faced, RF raised face, RJ ring joint (facing).
3) BS4504 dimensions are based on mm and converted to the nearest 1/16 in.
ASME B16.5 and BS 10 dimensions are based on inches and converted to mm.

  Flange Comparison Tables
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